Rotary Reception Welcomes New Teachers

• Dinner Partry Honors 16 New Staff Members at Library Last Night

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Among the guests at the Rotary reception welcoming new teachers to Nutley were (left to right) Stephanie Mozeika, strategies teacher at Radcliffe; Leon Yin, special education at Radcliffe; Betty Gambaro, Rotary Club president; Matthew Rosenhouse, special ed at Lincoln; Jessica Pravate, special ed at Radcliffe, Megan Goodwin, special ed at Nutley High, Ryan McMullen, special services, and Joseph Zarra, superintendent of schools.

 –  Sixteen teachers new to Nutley schools were welcomed to the community at a dinner reception last night sponsored by the Rotary Club. The event was staged at the Nutley Public Library and also hosted school officials and members of the Board of Education.

"Our community has always embraced our educators and we want to be sure they realize quickly how much we appreciate their work in our schools and in our town," said Betty Gambaro, president of the Nutley Rotary Club.

Superintendent of Schools Joseph Zarra, Board of Education secretary-business manager Michael DeVita, and members of the School Board were among the evening's guests.

The new teachers include Melinda Burghart, Ryan McMullen, Michael McFarland, Rena Lazar, Megan Goodwin, Tom Salfante, Matthew Rosnhouse, Jessica Pravate, Stephanie Mozeika, Erin Scheridan, Stephanie Scheick, Victoria Sarachelli and Leon Yin.

Superintendent Zarra expressed the gratitude of the school system to the Rotarians for their annual sponsorship of the welcoming dinner event for new staff members.

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