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Move Would Improve Facility and Lower Burden to Taxpayers

Town Advances Plan to Lease Park Oval for 99 Years

- Plans to repair and upgrade the Park Oval with modern seating, high-intensity lights for night-time activities along with other amenities are close to winning the approval of both the Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners. The plan -- still opposed by some school board members -- involves leasing the Park Oval on a long-time basis to the Township where state and federal funds unavailable to the Board of Education can be used instead by the Board of Commissioners to finance the upgrade.

If approved, the Park Oval improvements could be completed at no cost to the Board of Education. Instead, the financing primarily would be provided by state and federal programs available only to townships. The proposed agreement also guarantees the Board of Eduction's maintaining complete control over the scheduling of events on the Oval, whether they be they be school or town-sponsored activities.

A similar agreement already exists with the township's Parks and Recreation department. With the exception of the Park Oval, most Nutley High School athletic events already take place on regulation-sized owned by the township.

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Photo by NJHometown

"WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOOSE?.." Mayor Alphonse Petracco gestures as he and Commissioner Mauro Tucci appear before the Board of Education with a plan that would lower school taxes by taking advantage of monies available only to townships. The plan primarily benefits Nutley taxpayers but also enables the Parks Department to better upkeep the Park Oval which is in disrepair and will soon need to replace its artificial turf field.

Attorneys Cite Busy Summer Schedules, Zoning Board Agrees

Apartment Project Hearing Postponed to Sept. 22

- Last night's Zoning Board session took less than six minutes to postpone the merits of building a proposed 36 unit apartment at the corner of Kingsland Street and Passaic Avenue.

The postponement until Sept. 22 was made at the request of attorney Thomas DiBiasi, representing the developer.

DiBiasi asked and was granted the postponement not only because of his "heavy schedule" but also those of the engineering and planning consultants involved with the project.

Despite community concerns voiced since the project was first proposed, not a single person raised their hand when Zoning Board Chairman Paul Scrudato asked if there any persons attending last night's session who objected to the postponement.

Concern has been voiced in recent weeks especially  by those involved with Nutley schools who fear new apartment construction would add to the already overcrowded classrooms throughout the district. The Board of Education this summer is wrestling with plans that involve increasing class sizes and adding trailer-classrooms adjacent to school buildings.

DiBiasi volunteered to provide a stenographer at the Sept. 22 meeting.

Other Top Stories

Kane Is New State VFW Commander

  •  His U.S. Army Career Began 1967 in Korea

Photo by NJHometown

Jack Kane was honored by the Board of Commissioners on July 15.

- Jack Kane, a lifelong resident of Nutley, was officially honored by the township July 15 as he assumed the position of New Jersey State commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Commander Kane was also honored Saturday, July 12 at a homecoming celebration at Nutley's VFW Post 493.

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Nutley History Series Begins 10:30 AM Aug. 5

  •  Free Weekly Program for Students and Adults

- The first session of a new historical program "Celebrating America, Celebrating Nutley" begins Tuesday, Aug. 5, at 10:30 a.m. in the Public Affairs Building. Anthony Buccino of the Nutley Historical Society will present the opening session.

Sponsored by Commissioner Steven Rogers, the history series will continue Tuesdays and

Thursdays throughout the month of August.

Nutley students as well as adults are invited to attend and participate in the series which ends on Aug. 28. There is no cost for the program.

"If you plan to attend, please call us at 973-284-4976," Commissioner Rogers asks. There is no cost for the program and refreshments will be served.

Yoga In the Park' Now Underway

  •  Free 7 AM Classes in Yanticaw Park thru Aug. 22

- Commissioner Rogers and the Nutley Health Department today launched a new "Yoga In The Park" summer health initiative. Sessions began this morning under the direction of Angela M. Guerriero, M.Ed., MA, MM, MT-BC, RYT, founder and director of "Tempo! Music Therapy."

A certified Yoga instructor, Angela Guerriero will be conducting the free,

early morning yoga classes for Nutley residents. Participants are asked to bring a towel or yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.

Classes will take place July 11 through August 22, at 7 a.m. on the basketball court in Yanticaw Park directly behind Nutley High School. All levels are welcome.

For more information or to reserve a spot, call 973-284-4976.

July 4th Fun All Afternoon - Fireworks at Night

- Independence Day 2014 introduced a new afternoon "Fireworks Carnival, with boardwalk style games" along Chestnut Street. The fireworks over the Park Oval began as usual after 9 p.m.

Games for youngsters and a celebration along a closed-to-traffic Franklin Avenue added to the fun.

Fireworks in neighboring Belleville and Bloomfield were cancelled because rain had been

Photo by NJHometown

     The Boardwalk on Chestnut St.

threatening - but the skies over Nutley cleared and thousands from nearby towns came to Nutley for the July 4th celebration.

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Smoking E-Cigarettes in Public Places Prohibited

  •  Nutley Food Establishments Are Warned

- Nutley Health Depart- ment today issued a warning that an amended state law prohibits the smoking of E-Cigarettes in retail food establishments. Smoking is also prohibited in most indoor places but not inside private homes.

This week Commissioner Stephen Rogers directed the Nutley Public Health Coordinator to issue advisories to all retail establish-

establishments in town. Nutley Health Coordinator Thomas A. Restaino said he has received several inquiries about smoking the e-cigarettes in public places.

"The smoking of E-Cigarettes in Retail Food Establishments is prohibited by the New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act of 2006 (amended 2010)," Restaino said.

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Nutley Boys Robbed at Gunpoint

  •  Police Looking for Two Black Males, 18-22 Years of Age

- Two 17-year-old boys were robbed at gunpoint while walking along Brookfield Avenue last night (Monday) in Nutley.

Police today are investigating the strong armed robbery that occurred at 10:48 p.m. when a white care pulled aside the two boys. Two men exited the car, brandished a handgun, robbed the two boys and then assaulted them.

Nutley police are looking for two black males,18-22 years of age and both approximately 5' 10'. One of the men was described as medium built, the other thin. Both were wearing black shorts with hoodies.

After assaulting the two boys, the actors fled east on Brookfield Ave. in the same white car. Anyone with information is asked to contact Nutley Police at 973-284-4940.

Celebrating Nutley & America

  •  A New Summer Initiative for Students and Families

- "Celebrating Nutley and America" is a new initiative for students in grades 6-9 launched today by Commissioner Steven Roger and Dom Tibaldo, president of the Nutley Historical Society. Families of the students are also being invited to join the initiative.

"This program is a fantastic idea and we are thrilled and honored to be asked to contribute," Dom Tibaldo, president of the Nutley Historical Society said. The initiative will highlight the town's history and the contributions residents have made toward the growth of America.

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Second Sizzling Summer Concert Thurs. July 17

  •  'Total Soul' Will Perform 6:30 PM at Memorial Park

- Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mauro G. Tucci announces "Total Soul" will take the stage at Memorial Park I (Mud Hole) on Thursday for the department's 2nd sizzling concert of the summer. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. Rain date for the event is July 28.

"Our Concerts provide free entertainment throughout the summer months, offering a variety of performers in a great outdoor atmosphere" stated Tucci. "In the

spirit of summertime relaxation, these special summer performances emphasize family recreation in a tranquil park setting."

Total Soul plays everything from Motown to today's pop and R&B, to the Jazz/Big Band standards of the 1940's. Total Soul performs with the flair of a well-rehearsed show band, complete with front line choreography, exciting lead singers, hot horns, and a groovin' rhythm section.

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Nutley Wins National Award for Recycling Efforts

  • "A Great Success Story' Says Forest and Paper Assoc."

- Nutley's paper recycling program has been awarded first-place honors in a national survey conducted by the American Forest and Paper Association.

"The town's recycling program started in 1981 is a great environ-mental and success story and this year is being cited nationally for its creativity and volume," said Tim Crawford, senior vice president and head of technology for the national

association. "Yours is a great environmental success story," Crawford said during his visit to Nutley Monday night.

He called the success of the Nutley program "intriguing" as he addressed the Board of Commissioners in presenting the award. Public Works Commissioner Dr. Joseph Scarpelli was especially pleased with the town's selection for the national honor.

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Nutley Wins 2013 Award for Keeping Town Green

  •  Commissioner Scarpelli Credited for Innovative Program

- Nutley has been awarded America's 2014 award for recycling paper– a distinction sponsored by the American Forest and Paper Association. "The Nutley provides a great example for the entire country with its recycling program, a great success story for both creativity and volume," said Tim Crawford, the association's senior vice president.

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Photo by NJHometown

Public Works Commissioner (second from left) headed Nutley's "creative recycling program" which was hailed as a "great success story for our nation for both creativity and volume.".

Police Offer An Assist to Young Bicycle Riders

Photo by NJHometown

- New Street in Nutley was turned into a bikers paradise last Sunday morning - especially if you were at a very young age and just beginning to master keeping your two-wheeler in a up-rite position.

"We had a turnout of 183 boys and girls," Nutley Police Chief Tom Strumolo says. The special event was so popular that the program will be repeated next year if not before.

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Apartment Construction 'Strengthens' Town

  •  Evans Sees Little Impact on Nutley School System

- Nutley businessman Jack Magnifico, a frequent speaker at Nutley Commission meetings, says he fears the rapid increase in the number of apartment complexes is destroying the community.

"I am very concerned with the town's future," Magnifico said. I see more and more vacant buildings, a lot of vacant businesses and more and more apartment complexes. How is this helping our town?"

Finance Commissioner Tom Evans, speaking for the board, took issue with Magnifico's assessment

at the June 10 town hall session.

"The increase in the number of apartments actually has strengthened the community.

"In fact just one apartment developer's fees alone has exceeded $1 million in new revenues for the town, and helping soften the effects of the building demolitions at Roche."

Evans also said new apartment construction in Nutley has had "no impact on the school system while proving to create a significant increase in revenues."

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Flag Day 'Retirement Ceremony' First for Nutley

  •  Commissioner Rogers Launches New Annual Event

- Nutley's first "Flag Day Retirement Ceremony" was held Friday, Flag Day, at the Dept. of Public Affairs. Organized by Commissioner Steven Rogers, the event is planned to be held annually.

Participating in the ceremony were members of the Boy and

Girl Scouts, the Nutley High School Patriot Club, Nutley Veterans, and two Yantacaw School students.

"It is my hope that as we bring back the customs and traditions that made our township and country great, that these young people will carry on this effort in their time."

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Commissioners OK Expansion at Owens Park

  •  Adding 300 to Seating Capacity for Day and Nightime Use

- Township Commissioners last night approved a $43,770 expenditure to expand the seating capacity at Monsignor Owens Park, the large recreational facility on the south side of Park Avenue.

Already one of the largest in the Nutley parks system, last night's unanimous vote by Commissioners

will increase the capacity at the park by more than 300 seats.

The improvement was initiated by Parks and Public Property Commissioner Mauro Tucci.

Equipped with professional lighting, the facility is also used by high school sporting events for both day and night inter-scholastic games.

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Store Owner Wants Parade Route Extended

  •  "We Didn't See Even Once Customer..."

- The new owner of Jack's Sweet Shop at 368 Franklin Avenue is blaming the town for a lack of customers. John Batstista said he's been denied permission to but his store's initials on an outside awning or display an American flag.

"People riding up and down Franklin Avenue can't see my store - they wouldn't even know my building exist."

Bastista also urged the town to take better care of the adjacent empty lot, once the site of the Peerless Stationery. The grass

in the lot is five feet tall an littered with "junk,old tires and junk."

Speaking at last week's Town Commission meeting, Bastista also questioned why holiday parades start and end at Chestnut Street. Extending the parade routes would help attract business to his store along with many others including the Park Shop-Rite.

Bastista said his store was well-stocked with a large variety of parade items.

"We didn't see even one customer on the day of the parade."

Third Half Club Announces NHS Athletic Awards

  •  Santino Gabriele and Grace Montgomery Excelled

- The Third Half Club of Nutley announces and congratulates the recipients of Nutley High School's 2014 Athletic Awards. Jack Barry in behalf of the Third Half Club thanked the entire Class of 2014 for all its efforts and sacrifices.

"You will be Maroon Raiders forever!," the Third Half Club said.

The recipients:

Outstanding Male Athlete, Santino Gabriele.

Outstanding Female Athlete, Grace Montgomery.

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Lincoln Parents Lament Teacher's Transfer

  •  Ken Ferriol Moving to Radcliffe in September

- A commitment to avoiding politics to dictate decisions of the Nutley Board of Education was reinforced this week when the board declined to appease a large contingent of Lincoln School parents who opposed the transfer of fourth- grade teacher Ken Ferriol to the Radcliffe School.

Decision for the move came following weeks of faculty discus- sions led by Superintendent Russell Lazovick – discussions that examined the strengths and weak-

nesses of all five elementary schools. One of the results of those discussions was the Ferriol transfer.

"Mr. Ferriol is a tremendous teacher and will continue to be a tremendous teacher," Lazovick said. Board of Education President Charles Kuczinski not only agreed but reinforced the board's commitment not to interfere in decisions that "rightfully are those of the superintendent."

Parents at Lincoln School nonetheless were disappointed.

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Nutley Joins With England in World War II Anniversary

Photo by NJHometown

- Nutley veterans linked electronically for a joint-telecast with soldiers of the Royal British Legion in England this afternoon in ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of World War Two's invasion on the heavily-fortified beaches of Normandy. Inspiration for the dual ceremonies was applauded and embraced by Mr. Albert Weidemann of the Royall British Legion.

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'Adopt A Senior' Program Effective Immediately

  •  Rogers Reacts to Plea for Help ; Students Will Help

- An emotional letter from a Nutley senior citizen this weekend has promoted Public Affairs Commissioner Steven Rogers to create a new "Adopt-A-Senior" program effective immediately. The letter reads: "We have many Seniors and especially middle aged people like myself who are alone and in dire need of friendship, love, care, support, and concern. And I am almost sure that the overwhelming

problems over here is that of depression, loneliness, and isolation which isn't healthy-not the least. I feel that the greatest human need is that of love." Rogers says that as a result of this letter "we are creating an 'Adopt-A Senior Program' that will include not only frequent phone calls to seniors but pen-pal letters as well. The letters will be written by high-school students who have volunteered for the program.

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Town Honors Bravery of Patrolman David Strus

  •  Tackles Knife-Wielding Man in Clifton Coffee Shop

Photo by NJHometown

Patrolman David Strus accepts award with with Mayor Petracco and Town Commissioners at Town Hall.

- An attempted killing of a man wielding a knife was prevented by the quick response of a Nutley policeman who wrestled and disarmed the would-be-killer inside a Clifton business.

"I was just a customer about to leave," Patrolman David Strus said at Nutley Town Hall last night. He told Mayor Alphonse Petracco that he was "simply doing my duty."

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Town Turns Out for Memorial Day 2014 Parade

  •  Perfect Weather for the Veterans' Day March

- The weather was perfect for Nutley's 95th annual Memorial Day Parade presided over by Grand Marshal Edward Tremmel Jr., a Vietnam veteran.

A 12-page booklet prepared by Mayor Alphonse Petracco's office detailed the day's events that began at 8 a.m. with a series of services

accompanied by an honor guard at the several veterans' monuments throughout the community. Grand Marshal Tremmel served in Vietnam and later served with the 82nd Airborne Division. Honorably discharged in 1968, he worked for the American Can Company before joining the U.S. Postal services,

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Favorable Rating for Public Affairs Dept.

  •  Survey Shows 84.4 Percent Like Services Being Provided

- Nutley residents have given the town's Public Affairs Department a 84.4 percent favorable rating, according to an on-line survey that was conducted for the purpose of evaluating the department's response to public needs.

Conducted during the first 10 days of April, the survey mailed approxi- mately 700 questionnaires to residents and received back 340 responses. Cost of the survey was not paid at taxpayers' expense.

Two primary questions were asked:

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NLT Auditions June 22-23 for 'Lost in Yonkers'

  •  Performances Open Nutley Season in September

- Nutley Little Theatre has scheduled auditions at the NLT Barn, 47 Erie Place, Nutley, on Sunday, June 22, and Monday, June 23, 7 p.m. both evenings, for one of Neil Simon's finest works, "Lost in Yonkers," which will open the NLT 2014-2015 season in September.

Helen Exel of Nutley will direct this comedy-drama, which begins rehearsals the week of June 30.

The cast requires two adolescent males, one in the 15-17 age range and the other in the 13-15 range. Also needed are two men in the 40-50 age range, and three women, age ranges 35-45, 40-50 and 65-75. Evening performances will be on Sept. 5, 6, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20. Matinee performances are on Sept.7, 14 and 20. More dates may be added within the range.

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St. Mary's Service Honors Nutley Veterans

  •  Civil Air Patrol, NHS Patriot Club, U.S. Marines Participate

- The Nutley Department of Public Affairs and St. Mary's Church of Nutley hosted the townships's first annual Memorial Day Service honoring our veterans on Saturday night at St Mary's Church. Nearly 200 people attended the service that featured a U.S. Air Force Civil Air Patrol

Color Guard, the Nutley High School Patriot Club and members of the U.S. Marines. During the ceremony Commissioner Steven Rogers awarded the mother of Father Thomas Nicastro, the Nutley Military Distinguished Service Medal in honor of her husband who was a Korean War hero.

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Decoy Pedestrians Will Control Crosswalks

  •  Drivers Will Be Ticketed Who Fail to Stop

- The Nutley Police Department is instituting a pedes- trian decoy program designed to catch drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Police officers in plain clothes will act as

decoys, walking back and forth across intersections and ticketing drivers who fail to stop. Police Chief Thomas Strumolo says officers will enforce the crosswalk law at crosswalks thru-out the community.

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Police Find Missing Girl After 42-Day Search

  •  Runaway Caught After Foot Chase in Paterson

- Nutley Police Detectives said today that a missing Nutley girl has been found following an exhausting 42-day search.

Sixteen year-old Christina Simieonidis was located in good health and unharmed when found in a parking lot on Jackson Avenue in Paterson. The girl has runway from home on at least two previous occasions.

Reported missing by her parents on March 17, her current disappearance was not her first but was the longest of her runaway spans yet. Detectives spent many hours "Many hours were invested looking for Christina, but all worth her safe return," Mayor Alphonse

Petracco, the town's Public Safety Commissioner said.

following leads taking them to areas of Paterson, Clifton, Montclair and Passaic.

Police Chief Thomas Strumolo worked closely with the department's Investigative Division in an overall effort "pursuing every lead possible" in an effort to find the juvenile.

Police were also in close contact with the girl's parents and sisters. At one point an older sister gave chase on foot after spotting Christina in Paterson several weeks ago. The matter has now been turned over to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency DCPP.

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Vitkovsky's Lost War II Records Are Recovered

  •  Retired Nutley Music Teacher Ends Long Search

- After nearly four decades as a music teacher and director of the Nutley High School music program, John Vitkovsky retired in 2012 and with time on his hands he uncovered some of his father's military records. He learned for the first time that his father was a WWII Army veteran who fought in Guam and had been awarded several medals, including the Bronze Star.

But for some reason, his father never received the medals. In search of assistance and aware of

Commissioner Steven Rogers close affiliation with the military, Vitkovsky recently returned to Nutley with the hope that Commissioner Rogers could be of assistance.

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Fine Art Alliance of Nutley Inaugural Reception

  •  New Organization's First Event Is A Success

Photo by NJHometown

- A new organization called the Fine Art Alliance of Nutley hosted a three-hour reception Saturday night featuring the works of local artists in disciplines ranging from the fine arts to sculpting and photography.

"I've been painting in the American Folk Art manner for 40 years, said Warren Godfrey whose paintings have been exhibited and sold at the South Street Seaport, at the Golden Door in New Hope and at the Newcastle Arts Gallery in Delaware and now in his hometown of Nutley.

The formation of the "Fine Art Alliance of Nutley" was organized with the help of the staff at the town's Dept. of Public Affairs Department.

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Nutley Patrolman Prevents A Murder in Clifton

  •  Ptl. David Strus Credited With Saving Lives

- Nutley Patrolman David Strus is being credited with disarming a 61-year-old former employee of Roche who stabbed and killed Clifton resident Paul Baker in the parking lot of the Richfield Shopping Center Monday morning.

Hank Werner, 61, has has been charged with attempted murder and is being held on $500,000 bail in the Passaic County Jail.

Reportedly diagnosed with a mental illness, Werner was laid off

from Roche 14 years ago.

In recent years Werner was a frequent figure at the Richfield Shopping Center which he often referred to as "my home."

Nutley Patrolman Strus was able to disarm Werner without using his police-issued handgun.

Family members say Werner's physical and mental problems worsened recently after he stopped taking his medication. Charges against Werner could result in a prison-for-life sentence.

First Step Taken Toward Televising Meetings

  •  Commissioners Unanimous in Supporting Moving Ahead

- Nutley's twice-monthly meetings of the Board of Commissioners may soon be on television.

Town commissioners have been discussing such a possibility among themselves for the past month and Tuesday night a formal resolution to move forward was adopted unanimously.

"The township wishes to broadcast Commission meetings in the most efficient and effective way possible," the board said as it authorized Commissioner Mauro Tucci and the Parks and Public Property Department "to begin gathering information to be presented to the full board for consideration."

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Nutley Ranked 10th in On-Line Gambling

  •  Report Based on Websites at Caesars

- Nutley is ranked 10th among the most popular towns in New Jersey when it comes to on-line gambling in Atlantic City.

The revelation came today in a report by Jeff Goldman in The Star Ledger. Statistics for the ranking were compiled by Caesars Inter-

active Entertainment for their three websites between November 21 and February 28.

Topping the list were Toms River, Jersey City and Cherry Hill. The ranking was not based on monies earned or loss, but on the amount of time spent wagering on-line.

First Priority: Find Another Roche!

  •  But Waiting Could Take Many Years, Attorney Says

- Although Nutley commissioners say they've retained one of the country's best consultants in developing three scenarios for the future of the Roche property, "our first priority would be to attract a large pharmaceutical company so that there would be a seamless transition for our community," town attorney Alan Genitempo said today.

"But after consulting with experts, waiting for a large company to replace Roche could take many years, and until then, the site

would remain vacant" Genitempo said, "but most likely with Roche continuing to pay taxes."

Commissioners independently have hired the planning firm of Perkins Eastman that has developed three schemes for the possible "re-purposing scenario for the Hoffman-LaRoche site."

Those schemes were outlined in detail to Nutley residents this past week during a three-hour three presentation attended by 200 persons at the high school auditorium.

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Long Delay in Naming Nutley's New Police Chief

  •  Tom Strumolo's Appointment Finally Made by Petracco

- Tom Strumolo is the new chief!

"Welcome Chief Strumolo! It took a long time to be able to say that," Commissioner Mauro Tucci said Monday night referring to the contentious five months that Mayor Alphonse Petracco has kept the chief's position vacant, flirting instead with the idea of appointing a civilian director.

"You have had the support of our community and the police," Tucci said.

New Chief Tom Strumolo actually has had the support of all four commissioners with the

Photo by NJHometown

Chief Tom Strumolo and Capt. Robert Irwin in Town Hall photo following their promotion, Strumolo as Chief of Police, and for Irwin, police captain and second in command.

exception of Mayor Petracco who, as director of Public Safety, was charged with making and evaluating the appointment.

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Nutley Survey Underway On Quality of Services

  •  Six Basic Questions Asked of Local Residents

- - An on-line citizens survey asking residents to answer six questions regarding the services of the Nutley Department of Civic Affairs was launched yesterday by Commissioner Stephen Rogers.

"Purpose of the short survey is to help us provide efficient and effective services to our residents. The best way to learn about the wants and

needs of the people is to go directly to them. That is exactly what I am doing," Rogers said."

The six questions require a yes or no answer, with a notation that gives residents an opportunity to add comments. "It takes a resident three minutes or less to answer. And those answers are of great value to us," Rogers said.

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Nutley Wins Award for Keeping Town 'Green'

  • Gov. Christi Presents Commendation to Dr. Scarpelli

- The Township of Nutley announced today that Commissioner Dr. Joseph P. Scarpelli, director of Public Works, is the winner of the 2014 Garden State Green Award in the category of "Public Official."

The Garden State Awards are granted annually in conjunction with the Garden State Green FestFEst, an expo dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering individuals

to come together to create a more sustainable planet. The award was presented at the GreenFest on March 15, at Kean University.

"I am proud to accept this award on behalf of Nutley Township," Scarpelli said. "It is truly a team effort by our entire Board of Commissioners' working together with our Greenutley committee to increase and enhance our Green initiatives."

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Public's Biggest Concern: School Overcrowding

  •  Residents Opposed to Housing at Roche Site

Photo by NJHometown

Mayor Alphonse Petracco presides at March 12 hearing.

- About 200 Nutley residents spent nearly three hours Wednesday night at a community forum debating how best to utilize the Roche property once the pharmaceutical giant completely vacates its property – an event expected within the next two years.

But despite the plans for scenic walkways along uncovered brooks, new housing developments, and light industry, the future of the property likely will be decided not by the dreams of Nutley residents but by Roche itself.

An intensive worldwide search is and has been underway by Roche to sell its valuable property which today is being readied for the new owners by a full-time work force charged with cleansing remaining pharmaceutical contaminants both above ground and below.

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Roche Development Plan Outlined

  • No Mention Made of Need for Classroom Space

- (The following report focuses on the three "master plan scenarios representing a range of prospective development possibilities for the Roche property.

A "redevelopment scheme" for the now vacant Roche property has been introduced but at the same time, the report's three redevelop- ment schemes have largely been dismissed mainly because of the

surprising number of housing proposed for the site with no mention of Nutley's pressing problem with overcrowded schools.

Except for the large number of single-family homes, the Pekins-Eastman report includes three similar but separate proposals for the Roche property redevelopment. All involve creating a community not unlike today's Nutley.

Face Book Page for Young Women in Nutley

- Commissioner Steven Rogers announced today that the Nutley Young Women's Initiative now has a dedicated Face Book Page providing updates on health clinics, workshops, and other events specifically for women and sponsored by the Department of Public Affairs.

The Face Book page is titled

-Nutley NJ Women's Initiative.

Rogers says women will be able to post ideas, suggestions, and other important topics of interest. Presently the page has information related to Nutley's spotlight on women's health programs, Nutley's Women-to-Women Gleaning Program and the Stepping Back program.

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7th Grade Girls Travel Team Wins Championship

  •  Undefeated in All 14 Suburban League Games

- The Nutley 7th Grade Girls Travel basketball season just capped off an unprecedented third straight undefeated season (14-0) Suburban League Championship, defeating Bloomfield 42-26 on March 6 at the Walker Middle School.
(Click for larger photo & details.)

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School Board Adopts Code of Ethics

  •  "I Will Refuse...To Use the Schools for Personal Gain,"

- Members of the Nutley Board of Education are promising not to use the schools for personal gain or for the gain of friends.

The promise was included in a code of ethics read at the board's Feb. 24 meeting by trustee Ryan Kline and adopted unanimously by

all nine school trustees.

The adoption by the Nutley board parallels a code established by the N.J. School Boards Association. One of the promises is "not to administer the schools, but, together with my fellow board mem- bers, to see that they are well run."

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Higher Fees for Town Events Like Parades

  •  New Rates Coming for Special Police Coverage

- New fees are being proposed by Nutley Commis- sioners for specialized police assistance whenever summoned to assist in such activities as town parades, handling temporary traffic diversions for contractors monitoring activity at carnivals and "other on-street events."

The ordinance introduced by Mayor Alphonse Petracco

tentatively is scheduled for a public hearing. However all five of Nutley's commissioners, including the Mayor, agree that the proposed revisions need further review before final adoption tentatively scheduled for February 21.

As the ordinance presently stands, the "normal" cost for a police at a special event would jump from $30 to $65 an hour.

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"Bernie's Club' A Huge Hit With Youngsters

  •  More than 100 Turnout out for Saturday AM Fun Event

- A few more than 100 youngsters had a morning-full of fun with "Bernie," a huge make -believe dog and the mascot of a new children's initiative launched Jan. 11 by Public Affairs Commissioner Steven Rogers.

Accompanied by their parents and some by other relatives, "Bernie's Club" provided a wide variety of games and story-telling and just plain fun for children from the 1st to fifth grade. Several adults including staff members from the Nutley Health Dept. watched over the two-hour

NJHometown Photo

Bernie with Commissioner Rogers

event that will be held twice monthly on Saturday mornings.

Bernie will return for another visit with Nutley youngsters on Saturday, February 8.

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Volunteers Needed for Neighborhood Watch

  •  Chief Thomas Strumolo Is Looking for Interested Citizens

- Nutley's new Police Chief wants to expand the town's neighborhood watch program. Interested families and individuals are presently being recruited.

"I believe 'neighborhood watch' is an important part of our township's crime prevention program," Chief Thomas

Strumolo said today.

"Keeping our township safe is a team effort and we need all the help we can get from the community."

Interested citizens may telephone Chief Strumolo at 973-284-4947. He can also be reached by email at

Rogers Drives to S. Jersey to Honor Turello

  • 'No Nutley Resident Should Ever Be Left Behind...."

- A few days ago Commissioner Steven Rogers learned that a 96-year-old World War II Nutley soldier was not among the 21 former servicemen honored in the town's Veterans' Day ceremonies last month. Yesterday Rogers drove down the Garden State Parkway to Berkeley Township (Toms River) to personally present Nutley's 23 Military Distinguished Service award to Pasquale Turello, a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Rogers says he only recently learned that Mr. Turello was a Nutley resident all of his life and

recently moved to Berkley Township in order for his family to care for him.

"He was unable to attend our veterans day ceremony when we presented 21 Nutley WWII Veterans with medals," Rogers said today. "Therefore, I decided to bring the medal to him."

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Annie Oakley Painting Unveiled at Museum

Photo by NJHometown Photo

- A late summer afternoon crown witnessed and applauded the unveiling of "Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot," a large and important new Trmpe I'oeil painting that depicts a variety of scenes including many reflecting the years 1892-1903 when Miss Little Sure Shot resided in Nutley on the Enclosure.

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Roche Will Continue to Monitor Wells Thru 2014

  • No Water/Soil Contamination Yet Found in Tests 50-Ft, Deep

- An on-going series of soil and groundwater tests so far have found no contaminants in Nutley originating from the Roche property, Nutley Commissioners were assured this week. Elaborate testing, however, will continue thru May 2014, a commitment repeated several times during a 45-minute meeting between Roche and the five Nutley Commissioners Tuesday night at Town Hall.

"The two main components that we are concentrating on are soil and groundwater contamination," Roche Vice President and site head tom Lyon said.

Soil contamination has been detected but only on the Roche property and nowhere else in the township. Groundwater contamination has been found outside of the Roche property, Lyon said, but only at depths below 50 feet.

"The testing in Nutley is the most comprehensive of soil and water that's ever been done in the state of New Jersey," Lyon said.

Tests are continuing at depths down to 100 feet where water contamination has been identified, not only from Roche but from a variety of other sources.

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All Around Town

Cody's Rummage Sale
July 25-26 at St. Paul's

- Cody's Foundation is supporting St. Paul's Church Nutley by sponsoring a rummage sale on Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26. The sale hour on both days is 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

St. Paul's is located at the corner of Franklin Ave. and St. Paul's Place in Nutley. A wide variety of items will be on sale.

Nutley Police Blotter
Week Ending June 27

A recap of the past week's Nutley Police Blotter follows:

A Nutley 7 a.m visit to a Nutley ATM found the user locked inside the bank's ATM area. Another police response this past week discovered a disoriented person who apparently broke into a Nutley barbershop where he spent the night. And a prized Oleander tree was stolen from in front of the Radcliffe School.

July 1, 2014 – 2:39 pm --A fraud report was received at Head- quarters. The victim received a check for $1,950.00 from business for services rendered. The victim deposited the check and the check cleared. The owner of the company requested that the victim send $1,500.00 plus the Western Union fee to an attorney in Indianapolis.

The victim followed the instructions and a couple of days later was advised by their financial institution that the check they deposited was in fact fraudulent. Officers are in the process of making contact with both actor and attorney receiving the funds to investigate the incident.

June 30, 2014 – 8:37 a.m. -- A theft was reported at Radcliffe School. An Oleander tree was stolen from the front of the building. The value of the tree is approximately $120. The tree was last watered on 6/26/14 and was found missing on this date. School officials were advised to contact the Police Department should there be any other information regarding he missing tree.

Read More Police Reports

Nutley Library Events
Today thru July 31

Listing provided by Nutley Library Director Maria LaBadia.

Monday, July 28 at 7 p.m. PJ Movie & Story. For all ages.

Tuesday, July 29 at 10 a.m. – Babygarden. Registration is required. Must be a resident of Nutley.

Tuesday, July 29 at 6 p.m. – "Muppets Most Wanted." For all ages. Crafts while supplies last.

Wednesday, July 30 at 10 a.m. - Preschool Story Time. Must be a Nutley resident. Registration required.

Wednesday, July 30 at 2:30 p.m. – Science Workshop: "Kitchen Science" for ages 8 & up. Registration required.

Thursday, July 31 at 11 a.m. – Essex County Environmental Workshop: "Soda Bubbles." For ages 7-10. Registration required, Nutley Library patrons only.

Thursday, July 31 at 2:30 p.m. – Science Workshop: "Weather Science." For ages 8 and up. Registration required. Nutley Library Patrons only.

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Win A Summer Prize
By Reading A Book
From Nutley Library

- Summer Reading clubs aren't just for kids any more. Adults are invited to participate in the Literary Elements Summer Reading Club at the Nutley Public Library which kicked off on June 30.

Each book that is read or listened to provides readers with an opportunity to win fun prizes from weekly raffle drawings. Displays of recommended summer reading materials offer an opportunity for browsing and borrowing. Readers are encouraged to include a review of their selected book on a raffle ticketkk or by posting a review on the library's Facebook page.

A grand prize drawing will be held at the end of the summer.

Summer Playground
Activities Underway

- A free summer playground program for Nutley residents aged 7-14 years began Monday, June 30, and will continue until Aug. 22 at Kingsland Park. Sessions run from 9 4 p.m. Primary registration dates have already ended.

Children must bring a brown bag lunch daily and may not leave the playground unless accompanied by a parent.

Waste Disposal Bids
Rejected; Too Costly

- "Too expensive," town commissioners said this week as they rejected the only bid received to remove vegetative waste, solid waste, bulk waste, leaves and grass and leaves. The contract initiated by the Public Affairs will be bid again, Commissioner Steven Rogers said this week.

The single bid reeived "substant- ially exceeded the cost estimate for the services," Rogers said.

New bids will be received on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

Liquor Licenses
Are Renewed
for Non-Profits

- Liquor licenses for Nutley's five non-profit establish- ments were renewed for a year this week by the Board of Commis- sioners.

Fees of $150 were levied, a considerable reduction from the $1719 fee charged for commercial liquor establishments including package goods and bars.

The five non-profits include American Legion Post 70 at 24 Franklin Ave., Nutley Amvets Post 30 at 184 Park Ave., St. Mary's Knights of Columbus at 150 Chestnut St., Nutley Elks Lodge at 242 Chestnut St., and the Stuart E. Egar VFWPost 493 at 271 Washington Ave.

Town Collects $2,100
On Video Games
From Bar Owners

Commissioners OK Licenses

- Games played on pocket telephones over the internet may be cutting into the town's revenues, at leased based on the number of video game licenses awarded to business establishments in Nutley.

Only five licenses were awarded this year, Mayor Alphonse Petracco said at this week's Board of Commissioners session. All five went to bars in town.

The Old Canal Inn on East Passaic Avenue and the Nutley Pub on Centre Street were the only establishments awarded licenses for two video games.

Establishments awarded single game licenses were Washington Park at 17 Washington Ave., the Park Pub at 789 Bloomfield Ave, and Jim Dandy's at 563 Franklin Ave.

The township collects $300 annually for each video game. Applications are reviewed and inspected by the Nutley Code Enforcement Department.

Lacrosse for Grades 4-8
July 2-30 at Parks & Rec

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